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Fire outside Merlin, OR

Arthur tells us: Gwen or Merlin?

Camelot's very own action man, Bradley James tells us once and for all: Gwen or Merlin? For more Merlin news, visit

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Merlin - Wikipedia

Merlin (Welsh: Myrddin) is a legendary figure best known as the wizard featured in Arthurian legend and medieval Welsh poetry.The standard depiction of the character first appears in Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britanniae, written c. 1136, and is based on an amalgamation of previous historical and legendary figures.Geoffrey combined existing stories of Myrddin Wyllt (or Merlinus ...

Rolls-Royce Merlin - Wikipedia

The Rolls-Royce Merlin is a British liquid-cooled V-12 piston aero engine of 27-litres (1,650 cu in) capacity. Rolls-Royce designed the engine and first ran it in 1933 as a private venture. Initially known as the PV-12, it was later called Merlin following the company convention of naming its piston aero engines after birds of prey.. After several modifications, the first production variants ...

Merlin Bird ID – Free, instant bird ID help for 2,500 ...

The free Merlin Bird ID app from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology users powerful AI to identify birds in photos, or by answering a few quick questions. Covers 2,000+ species.

Merlin - Timeless Myths

The Many Faces of Merlin : Merlin is one of the most fascinating figures in the Welsh literature and the Arthurian legend. Merlin is a man of mystery and magic; contradiction and controversy surrounded his life.

Independent Writer, Speaker, and Broadcaster - Merlin Mann

Merlin Mann is an independent writer, speaker, and broadcaster based in San Francisco.. Merlin mostly makes podcasts. There’s Do By Friday, Reconcilable Differences, Roderick on the Line, and Back to Work.. You can say “hi” over on Twitter.. Thanks for stopping by.