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Emergency Loans For College Students

Emergency Loans For College Students


Emergency Student Loans, Emergency Loans for Students

College Emergency Student Loans In case of an emergency, first go to your college's financial aid office and discuss your situation. Your college may grant you an emergency student loan usually under $1,000. You may be required to have a minimum GPA and be a full-time student.

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Pasadena City College offers campus-based Short-Term Emergency Loans to its enrolled students. Loans are available for unexpected expenses, books and supplies. Loans are typically processed within 24 – 48 hours, and must be repaid with 30 days. Austin Community College supports a campus-based Student Emergency Fund for currently enrolled students. Circumstances covered include loss of housing due to natural disaster, sudden significant medical expenses and death in the family.

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Emergency loans for college students. Hundreds of colleges operate emergency loan programs to help students at their school. The money is available to pay for a wide range of living expenses that the student may be faced with, ranging from their rent to textbooks, school supplies, and other critical bills.

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Emergency Student Loans. In today’s tough economic climate, more and more students are facing difficulties when it comes to paying for a higher education. The ever increasing costs of college tuition, combined with an increase in living expenses, have put college degrees beyond the reach of many Americans.

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Emergency student loans are used for extreme circumstances and the amount of funding provided—along with the loan terms—is intended to help protect the program to ensure it benefits as many students as possible.